Our Services

Elevator Network Installation

Trindom Global is able to offer several network upgrades available to our customers.  We will come and inspect the issues that our clients are facing and present them with options to resolve the problem.  We are able to bring a full network into elevators using various methods.  Issues that we are able to help with are:

  • Need for wifi inside the elevator
  • Need for more network access inside the elevator
  • IP camera capability
  • Digital media with remote monitoring and updating
  • Access control continuous network accessibility 
  • Possible cellular network extenders or antenna boosters

Structural Cabling and Headend Build-Out

The headend of a business’ network, telecoms, and TV are an essential part of its backbone to be able to truly conduct daily operations in an efficient and productive manner.   Trindom Global will provide a highly skilled team to plan, coordinate, and manage  deployment during all phases of your build-out. The TG team will expertly assist with the architecture and design implementation, perform signal flow evaluation, create layouts, develop rack assessments and wiring schematics with a high degree of proficiency.

Trindom Global can provide configuration and commissioning to all individual devices and perform system organization, and acceptance testing.   The team will efficiently perform system testing using an agreed upon test plan with your participation for final approval.

TV and Network Installation

Trindom Global ensures our ability to perform  high quality, seamless and frictionless uninstructive commercial/hospitality TV and/or network installations.  Installation teams perform their work quickly, quietly, and professionally to keep with our standards to be customer friendly.  Project managers and installers work with customers to maintain the least disruptive installation for the guest / client convenience.  Trindom Global’s work force has many years’ experience installing TVs, TV services, network and other technical equipment within the hospitality sector in guest rooms as well as public spaces. 

Projects are on-time, on-budget, and stress free for the client. There is minimal guest disruption. Our response time is outstanding. We are the preferred installation partner of the most distinguished manufacturers and distributors in the hospitality industry. Our custom work establishes industry-wide standards for professionalism.

Medical Installation

Trindom Global takes pride in offering our clients a source of qualified technicians to install their medical equipment in operating rooms and other hospital environments while maintaining a professional demeanor in any circumstance that may arise.  We ensure our technicians have the adequate tools and knowledge to complete the job while adhering to all hospital/health care regulations. 

All of our technicians have completed all required training (by both the client, and the manufacturer) and comply with all regulations throughout service and installations.  We understand that providing safe and successful installation services in a busy healthcare facility requires a tremendous level of professionalism and efficiency. Our goal is to provide excellent services within budget and time constraints.

Access Control Installation

Trindom Global will install the access control solutions you need with the technology that works for you. Including door access systems based on RFID, biometrics, key cards, PINs, or any other technology that fits your business and monitoring needs. Security with access control that is based on network technology.  TG will complete installs using the least intrusive processes.  Installers will spend time with the customer to train them on their new systems so they are able to use the new enhanced features.

Trindom Global installs best-of-breed access control technologies that secure your people and your property. Our dedicated installation technicians have extensive experience in the access control industry, installing, and maintaining a broad range of solutions.

VOIP Installation

Trindom Global provides and installs VOIP services and upgrades for our customers to meet their existing and future needs.  Our team of project managers will work with you to learn your needs and ensure we meet and exceed all of the customer’s requirements of doing business.  TG is focused on building a trusting relationship with customers so that they can always be there to resolve any future needs that may arise.  Various plans of installation can be implemented using existing wiring at some locations or running new lines if customers want or need to make the installations as seamless as possible.  Trindom Global can also upgrade networks and IP camera systems as well during this process.


We believe that our clients should expect their business technology to enhance their ability in the workplace, not hinder it. We strive to provide the kind of service you would be proud to talk about.